Sunday, July 23, 2017

Hey Everyone! 

My husband pointed out that I have not written or updated my Blog at all recently (well... being real... in a very long time...) So I just came on to do that :)

Earlier today I ended a 2.5 day Festival - the Bucksport Bay Festival where they celebrated 225 years of Bucksport as a town, and 20 years of having the Bucksport Festival overall. I had never done the Bucksport Bay Festival, so I was tentative regarding on how it would go. Overall I was very happy - the first (optional) half day was very slow, but Saturday things picked up greatly once the crowds came in! By the time the Festival was over it was a given that I would be back again next year :)

Another positive of attending the Festival was meeting several other vendors. It is always nice to connect with others, and it sounds like I was able to get some positive information regarding other festival opportunities in the future - which is the ideal scenario! The hope is that I will continue to expand the work I am doing, and be able to participate in more and more shows as time progresses.  Honestly, when I think about the "future" in regards to my pottery, I hope that some day I will be able to make a full time job of this. So... figures crossed I can make it there one day :)

So, beyond the past couple days, overall things have gone well the past year. I feel as though I've grown as an artist/potter; I've come a long way in regards to the work I create. I've done well with increasing the quality of my work, and have been enjoying the new items I have created. I've had a lot of fun with testing out different marbling combinations, and have loved trying out new glazes :) I really love the fun/out there colors and the people seem to really enjoy that I have some unusual color options :)

The next big step for me is to prepare for next month :: Similar to this past weekend, I have another large fair to attend, the Machias Blueberry Festival. That runs August 19th and 20th, down in Machias. My mother and Aunt are coming with me to man the tables for the full two days. I am super excited about it, and hopeful that it will be just as successful as the one I attended this weekend! 

The stressful part is, I sold a large portion of my pottery stock yesterday and today - about 45 pieces. So I only have one month to get myself back to baseline and to have enough supply to meet the (expected) demand of the Blueberry Festival. So I am a little nervous, to be honest, about having enough! But will do my best to be as prepared as possible.

For anyone who does not understand the "process", making pottery is not a quick hobby. For any typical piece I would throw it, say, on a Monday. It would need to dry for several days (typically 5 to 7, depending on thickness or how warm it is - it is currently summer and pieces are [luckily] drying faster). Once a piece is dried you fire it in a "Bisque" firing, which takes roughly 8 hours, and then needs another 8 - 10 hours to cool down before you can open the kiln. Once cool you then take the time to plan out glazing. Glazing requires several (typically 3) layers of whatever glaze is selected. Then once you have enough pieces glazed you do a "glaze firing" which is to a different temperature in the kiln, and then the firing takes about 7 hours and then again needs roughly 8 to 10 hours to cool. So for any given piece I make it can take upwards of two weeks before it is "finished". This is also made more complicated/limiting by the fact that my kiln (Which runs GREAT) happens to be on the smaller side, so that means I can only fire 7 - 10 pieces typically, depending on size.

So I have the Blueberry Festival in 4 weeks, and will plan to spend as much time as I can over the next four weeks preparing, and can hopefully get myself to a place where I am prepared and have enough for the show :) HOPEFULLY I see you there :)

Leave a comment letting me know what COLORS you would like to see at the Blueberry Festival, and also what types of pieces you would like to see!! 

(Below are some examples of work I have done over the past year - let me know your favorite pieces!)


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