Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Time to get glazing! :)


I just pulled some new items from the kiln and am ready to get into glazing mode. When I get glazing I tend to get into a groove, and get everything glazed relatively quick, so hopefully I will be able to fire the glazed pieces this Thursday (I am gone tomorrow, so am unable to fire then).

The items consist of three flower pots (pot and plate underneath), three bowls, a cup, a vase, and a votive that has a heart on it. My kiln is not huge, so there is a chance I will not be able to get all of those glazed pieces in. But I am looking forward to sitting down this afternoon and glazing my happy little heart away!

Some other good news - I got new clay and also got my mason stains in the mail. I threw a couple pieces yesterday and then again today. I took the stain (which comes as a powder, but I add a little water) and mixed it with some of the clay. Then I split it, putting half the colored clay with half regular clay, so that when I throw it, it *should* mix and give me a marbled look once fired  - a white base with light or medium blue swirls throughout. I have six pieces upstairs now, but am having a hard time telling if the marbling is there - i see slight bits of the stain, but not as much as I expected. I think that it is just going to be a thing I need to try a bunch before I get the hang of it - there is a chance that I need to use a lot more of the stain than i am, which means If i like the way it comes out, i need to be ordering more stain (as I only got a little of the light blue and medium blue). And I also think the stain is not going to show up well until it is bisque fired. So - fingers crossed - hopefully i get get more pieces made with enough of the stain showing to do a firing soon, so I can post some photos of how it comes out! I am REALLY wanting this to work, because I think similar pieces I have seen others post are beautiful, so I hope to get a better grasp of how to make it possible! :)

Oh! And I had a nice and wonderful surprise in my e-mail the other day - someone had bought some items of mine from the Creatively Maine Pop-Up shop, and had e-mailed me a photo of my pieces in use at her home! It was a really wonderful sight to see, and a great e-mail to receive! :) 

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