Thursday, July 28, 2016

New Pieces!


I pulled four new pieces from my kiln this morning - (well, 9 actually, but two were just experiments. and three were the bottom pieces of flower pots, so 4 complete pieces to post).


Three flower pots - I did them all the same "style", hoping that people would want matching flower pots. I really like how they came out. :)

Beyond that, there was a large (for me/my throwing) bowl, that I painted in a spiral pattern. I really love how it came out as well.

I have been throwing pieces on the wheel that are mixed clay - stained with light and medium blue. I am not able at this point to fully see how much the patterns are showing up, but I am hopeful that once I fire them it will show up even better - right now the clay before it is fired is a gray. Once it is bisque fired I am hopeful that the stains will stand out even more! I am planning to throw some more today, and hope to fire these pieces next week - hopefully monday! :)

Anywho, I will probably drop these pieces off at the pop-up shop, unless someone says that they see my pieces and would like to purchase them online. That happens at times, which is nice! :)

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