Monday, July 18, 2016


I am headed to Creatively Maine in Bucksport this morning to drop off my latest round of pieces. I am hopeful that people will enjoy them! I have 4 sets (a plate, cup, and bowl), two flower pots, a small bowl and cup.

I also just ordered a new wave of clay, and with it some stains. There are several people I follow on instagram that do these beautiful marbled pieces, and I was up at 2:30 this morning (unable to sleep) mystified and intent on learning how they achieve such beautiful pieces! I found that there are several different techniques that people are using, but the one that looks easiest for where I am starting would be to get stains.

The process involves taking a power mixture, adding water, and making a paste. You then section off some clay body and create a shallow bowl in the clay, adding the mixture. Then you knead the clay, the color blending in the more it is mixed. Once you have some clay that is one color, you can take a combination of that clay and the white clay base and create a ball to throw with. The process of throwing will lead to mixed and marbled clay, with an interesting and one of a kind pattern every time. I am SUPER excited to try this process, and even though I am sure it will be a learning process, I am hopeful that I will like it.

Once you have made the piece you then use a rib and carefully take off the outer layer of clay, which helps reveal the marbled clay underneath. I ordered some light and dark blue to mess around with, and hope that if it works out well I can invest in more colors over time.

Fingers crossed! :)

I also find that several of the people I follow on instagram are doing slip casing versus throwing on the wheel. I think I need to remind myself of this, as it is a different kind of art - still with its own challenges! My art is wheel thrown and hand built, which does not lend to consistency as much. So I need to remind myself of that, and need to allow for the inconsistencies that are going to occur, in particular while I am still learning and growing as a potter.

Anywho, more information to come! :)

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