Thursday, July 28, 2016

New Pieces!


I pulled four new pieces from my kiln this morning - (well, 9 actually, but two were just experiments. and three were the bottom pieces of flower pots, so 4 complete pieces to post).


Three flower pots - I did them all the same "style", hoping that people would want matching flower pots. I really like how they came out. :)

Beyond that, there was a large (for me/my throwing) bowl, that I painted in a spiral pattern. I really love how it came out as well.

I have been throwing pieces on the wheel that are mixed clay - stained with light and medium blue. I am not able at this point to fully see how much the patterns are showing up, but I am hopeful that once I fire them it will show up even better - right now the clay before it is fired is a gray. Once it is bisque fired I am hopeful that the stains will stand out even more! I am planning to throw some more today, and hope to fire these pieces next week - hopefully monday! :)

Anywho, I will probably drop these pieces off at the pop-up shop, unless someone says that they see my pieces and would like to purchase them online. That happens at times, which is nice! :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Time to get glazing! :)


I just pulled some new items from the kiln and am ready to get into glazing mode. When I get glazing I tend to get into a groove, and get everything glazed relatively quick, so hopefully I will be able to fire the glazed pieces this Thursday (I am gone tomorrow, so am unable to fire then).

The items consist of three flower pots (pot and plate underneath), three bowls, a cup, a vase, and a votive that has a heart on it. My kiln is not huge, so there is a chance I will not be able to get all of those glazed pieces in. But I am looking forward to sitting down this afternoon and glazing my happy little heart away!

Some other good news - I got new clay and also got my mason stains in the mail. I threw a couple pieces yesterday and then again today. I took the stain (which comes as a powder, but I add a little water) and mixed it with some of the clay. Then I split it, putting half the colored clay with half regular clay, so that when I throw it, it *should* mix and give me a marbled look once fired  - a white base with light or medium blue swirls throughout. I have six pieces upstairs now, but am having a hard time telling if the marbling is there - i see slight bits of the stain, but not as much as I expected. I think that it is just going to be a thing I need to try a bunch before I get the hang of it - there is a chance that I need to use a lot more of the stain than i am, which means If i like the way it comes out, i need to be ordering more stain (as I only got a little of the light blue and medium blue). And I also think the stain is not going to show up well until it is bisque fired. So - fingers crossed - hopefully i get get more pieces made with enough of the stain showing to do a firing soon, so I can post some photos of how it comes out! I am REALLY wanting this to work, because I think similar pieces I have seen others post are beautiful, so I hope to get a better grasp of how to make it possible! :)

Oh! And I had a nice and wonderful surprise in my e-mail the other day - someone had bought some items of mine from the Creatively Maine Pop-Up shop, and had e-mailed me a photo of my pieces in use at her home! It was a really wonderful sight to see, and a great e-mail to receive! :) 

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Hello! I threw a couple pieces this morning on the wheel, and then took some photos of pieces I threw the other day. I should be able to do a firing of these pieces at the end of the week/weekend, and then can do some more glazing :)

At this point I am now waiting for new clay to arrive and for my mason stains to arrive  - I am very eager to try out the marbling effect!! And, of course, once I do I will make sure to post some photos of it :)

Monday, July 18, 2016


I am headed to Creatively Maine in Bucksport this morning to drop off my latest round of pieces. I am hopeful that people will enjoy them! I have 4 sets (a plate, cup, and bowl), two flower pots, a small bowl and cup.

I also just ordered a new wave of clay, and with it some stains. There are several people I follow on instagram that do these beautiful marbled pieces, and I was up at 2:30 this morning (unable to sleep) mystified and intent on learning how they achieve such beautiful pieces! I found that there are several different techniques that people are using, but the one that looks easiest for where I am starting would be to get stains.

The process involves taking a power mixture, adding water, and making a paste. You then section off some clay body and create a shallow bowl in the clay, adding the mixture. Then you knead the clay, the color blending in the more it is mixed. Once you have some clay that is one color, you can take a combination of that clay and the white clay base and create a ball to throw with. The process of throwing will lead to mixed and marbled clay, with an interesting and one of a kind pattern every time. I am SUPER excited to try this process, and even though I am sure it will be a learning process, I am hopeful that I will like it.

Once you have made the piece you then use a rib and carefully take off the outer layer of clay, which helps reveal the marbled clay underneath. I ordered some light and dark blue to mess around with, and hope that if it works out well I can invest in more colors over time.

Fingers crossed! :)

I also find that several of the people I follow on instagram are doing slip casing versus throwing on the wheel. I think I need to remind myself of this, as it is a different kind of art - still with its own challenges! My art is wheel thrown and hand built, which does not lend to consistency as much. So I need to remind myself of that, and need to allow for the inconsistencies that are going to occur, in particular while I am still learning and growing as a potter.

Anywho, more information to come! :)

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Sets of Pottery

I've recently been working on consistency within my throwing, and on making sets. Below are some examples of my first attempts at this - all four sets will be going to the Creatively Maine Pop-Up shop in Bucksport, if you are interested in purchasing!

Red Sunset Ceramics!

Hello :)

Since I was in high school and fell in love with the pottery wheel I have dreamed of getting my own wheel and kiln and being able to start making my own pottery at home.

Just a couple months ago, I made it a reality.

While it has not been a fast or easy beginning, I am getting my feet off the ground and learning a lot. When I was younger I learned to throw. Now I am learning what it means to own a kiln (in particular a used one that is at least 15 years old... more than that actually?) and I am learning about the ups and downs of selling my created work. I think I always assumed that once I made the pottery, it would, you know, just SELL. I am learning that it is not quite that easy. But again, I am learning, and that is the start of everything.

I was lucky enough to be asked to be part of a summer pop-up shop that focuses on Maine made local crafts. It is open for two months, and started July 1st. If you are interested in seeing my work and the artwork of other local Maine artists, please visit the Creatively Maine Pop-Up in Bucksport, Maine at 74 Main Street, Suite 100, Bucksport, ME; contact them by phone at (207) 323-4982; or online at